“I decided I needed to start a fitness program because I was generally pretty unfit and exhausted almost 1 year post having a baby. Since training with Neal I am much fitter and stronger, more energetic, able to do things (exercise wise) I couldn’t do before. Although weight loss was never an aim, I am definitely more toned and less squidgy.

Katie H. Wandsworth Common

“What I like best about having a trainer is the motivation Neal gives me to get up and look forward to training – It’s less easy to hit snooze when someone is waiting for you. It also motivates me to do more exercise during the week as I think a weekly training session with nothing in between is a waste of money as unlikely to achieve any results. Variety in the training is also important to me as without a trainer telling me what to do, I would just go for a run or to spinning classes with no focus on conditioning/abs/arms etc.

Emily P. Clapham

“Recruiting Neal was originally about wanting help to recover from two C-sections and get back to shape after two pregnancies in rapid succession. And now it is more about making sure that I am doing some exercise at least twice a week which I wouldn’t necessarily do if I wasn’t compelled to turn up at 6.30am. It is also a great way of dealing with the challenges of a very busy life and a stressful job – the two hours a week are the only “me time” I have!

Jane. L Wandsworth

“TThe best thing about having a trainer is the motivation of working with someone. Having a laugh (but not so as to distract from training hard). Continuity. Every session is different – I never get bored. If you’re on the fence about personal training with Neal, just do it make the investment. Enjoy the process and train hard.”

Emma H. Wandsworth


“Why not go for it! There is nothing to lose (other than inches around the waistband in my case!). Don’t underestimate how good you feel after exercise and you can always find the time, even if it is at the expense of a lovely extra hour of sleep in the morning.

– Annie B. Clapham

1“Motivation – there’s no way I would get up at 5.53 on a Monday morning, if I didn’t have a trainer. I like the fact that we do different circuits, exercises, intervals etc each week. I couldn’t push myself so hard without a trainer and I certainly wouldn’t do the strength training by myself. My bingo wings are much more toned now!”

– Tara S. Tooting

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